O N G K I E  T A N
           A R T                       C O N T A C T                       A B O U T            


Originally from Borneo, Indonesia. I moved to the U.S.A in l981, and resided in Los Angeles. I've been involved seriously in the art world since 1985.
  1. 1986 group show, Kikuyu gallery, Pasadena,Ca
  2. 1987 group show,Arroyo gallery,Pasadena,Ca
  3. 1989 solo show,The Gallery Connection gallery,Beverley Hills, Ca.
  4. 1991 Got represented by The La County Museum ,The Art rental gallery.
  5. 1994 group show,Half a Dozen Roses, Venice Beach,Ca
  6. 1996 group show ,Half A Dozen Roses, Venice Beach,Ca
  7. 1999 group show,The Artculture Gallery, Hermosa beach,Ca
  8. 2002 Solo show, The Schoeni Galery, Hongkong

In 1999 I gave up my residency in LA and have been living in Eastern Europe, Main land China, southeast Asia and most recently was India. In the future, I plan to settle down in India.

Originally from the Island of Borneo, Ongkie was raised in a small town encompassed by lush vegetation, tropical trees and winding rivers.

Ongkie's world view and life philosophy come together in his art. He delves deep into his person to create his highly original works. Full of introspection, he describes his sometimes painful journey into his thoughts and feelings with unique cartoon-like characters. They act as peeping tom, martyr, spirit and alien, in the forms of maggots, tadpoles, stick people and little faceless bodies, performing sťance, giving omens and breast feeding on a 24 nipple animal. Acutely expressionistic, Ongkie's works overflow with cryptic and symbolic references.

Ongkie's idiosyncratic and slightly macabre work lampoons people who take life and art too seriously. The artist claims that his vision of life is not too beautiful, but he also believes that life does not always need to be beautiful. The best people can do is to cope with their environment, and beauty lies in people who can learn to live life day by day.
- Schoeni Art Gallery

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