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MapTableMaker allows you to easily create high resolution SVG maps from CSV. See MapTableMaker website for more information. MapTableMaker is open source (MIT) and uses MapTable, also open source (MIT) to generate its maps.

Enter CSV with one country per line. Countries must be in the valid format; invalid countries will be ignored. Countries can be in any order. Values can be positive or negative. Click here to see an example (or here to reset the form).

Step 1 - Enter CSV

Country CSV Format:
2 letter - e.g. 'US' (iso_a2) 3 letter - e.g. 'USA' (iso_a3) Name - e.g. 'United States'

CSV (country,value):

Add single country and value (forces "name" country format):

SVG Logo URL (optional - shows as a watermark in the lower left):

Title (optional - shown in lower left below logo):

Show Legend:
True False

Use Percentile Color Spread (causes legend missmatch):
True False

Map Resolution/Download Size:
50 meter/3.4MB 110 meter/370k

Step 2 - Preview Map & Download

Preview your map here. If it looks good, click the 'Download' button below.

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