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  • Named anchor navigation using JavaScript 25 Apr 2015
    Recently I wanted to implement simple way to load a number of gallery images on an a static HTML page.  JavaScript was my go to, specifically jQuery.  I started by […]

  • I ran a 1/2 marathon 27 Mar 2015
    I think all 3.2 readers of my blog already know it, but I ran a 1/2 marathon at the beginning of this month! I ran the 2015 Red Rock Canyon […]

  • Ken Osborn – a great bay area photographer 17 Feb 2015
    Recently I was looking for a print of old train station in Oakland, CA at 16th street. I stumbled upon this great picture on flickr: I contacted the photographer, Ken […]

  • $40 USB microscope is awesome 07 Feb 2015
    On an impulse, inspired by reading a blog post, I bought a 50x illuminated $40 USB microscope.  It is awesome and works driverlessly on Ubuntu .  That is all.

  • All HTTPS all the time, With HSTS to boot 26 Jan 2015
    I’ve been brushing up on my web security best practices recently.  OWASP is a great resource for this!  One of their recommended best practices is to use HTTP Strict Transport […]

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