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  • On really nice standing desks with really nice computers 29 Jul 2015
    A good friend of mine is setting up a new workstation in his new lab and wanted some advice on what would be the best setup. Being a bit of […]

  • Long spin (video) 23 Jul 2015

  • MultiPressDev 2.1 Released 16 May 2015
    I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath for the next release of MPD. Rest easy my friends. Issue #2 on MultiPressDev has just been closed. All versions of WordPress […]

  • MultiPressDev 01 May 2015
    I’ve just released 1.0 of a github project that easily allows you to develop plugins across multiple versions of WordPress.  It uses Vagrant to easily provision an Ubuntu Virtual Machine […]

  • Named anchor navigation using JavaScript 25 Apr 2015
    Recently I wanted to implement simple way to load a number of gallery images on an a static HTML page.  JavaScript was my go to, specifically jQuery.  I started by […]

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