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  • SYN Shop Class: SSH Keys with free VMs for members 25 May 2018
    As part of putting some good hardware to use, I taught a class on how to use SSH Keys the other week. As this was the first time I taught […]

  • USB-C accessories I like (and some I don’t) 12 May 2018
    After buying USB-C power adapter that didn’t work out, I’d been on the hunt for a replacement. After getting a Chromebook for video chats and music (and curiosity :) which […]

  • Hardware disabling the mic on WyzeCam v2 26 Apr 2018
    I’m testing out using two of these cute, cheap security cameras: It’s the v2 of the WyzeCam and it’s only $25 shipped. While they’re easy to set up, they’re doesn’t […]

  • Stubby + Pi-Hole + Quad9 + LXD 22 Apr 2018
    Intro For some time now, really since last November, I’ve wanted to do two things: Encrypt all my DNS traffic leaving my house LAN and run an instance of Pi-Hole […]

  • APRICOT 2018 06 Apr 2018
    Be sure to read my follow up post about trekking in Nepal after the conference! Intro This is post closely mirrors my trip 2 years ago to attend SANOG 27: […]

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