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  • Battery replacement on a NiteRider Swift 500 28 Dec 2023
    1 minute, 24 secondsA while ago the battery on my NiteRider Swift 500 headlight stopped taking a charge. I looked at NiteRider’s FAQ page and saw no mention of the batteries being user serviceable. Further, when I searched online, I didn’t find any guides or replacement parts for the light. Time to grab a screwdriver […]

  • Simple Single Page Site with Secure Log Access 31 Oct 2023
    3 minutes, 6 seconds A friend of mine created some fun stickers for use at the most recent DEF CON. They were sly commentary about how corporate a lot of the stickers are and how maybe we should get back to our DIY roots. But…what’s this? There’s a .xyz in there…is that a TLD…is there […]

  • Blog Theme Improvements 29 Oct 2023
    1 minute, 45 seconds Most of the time when I’m reading articles online, I very often switch my browser to Reader View. This gets rid of all fluff of display and theme that a site’s have and, most importantly, fixes the low contrast text trend. Reader View is white text on black background (but this […]

  • Dead Simple Continuous Deployment 17 Sep 2023
    1 minute, 43 seconds At work we’ve written some monitoring and alerting software. We’ve also automated releases and we wanted to take it to the next level so that the instant there was a new release, we’d deployed to production. This automated releasing of software upon a new release is called Continuous Deployment, or “CD” […]

  • Timekpr-nExT Remote 23 Jan 2023
    3 minutes, 32 seconds tl;dr – Timekpr-Next Remote is an easy to use web app to add or remove time to users of linux login time tracking app, Timekpr-nExT Recently, one of my kids got a drawing tablet and wanted to use it with Krita. Given they were on a Chromebook, we decided to repurpose […]

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