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  • Laser Cut Acrylic SYN Shop Dice 19 Aug 2016
    Back in May for this past Las Vegas Science and Technology Festival, the SYN Shop hosted an open house. It was awesome! I volunteered to show folks our Laser Cutter. […]

  • Blogs I Read 14 Aug 2016
    After my upgrade to my new phone, I accidentally deleted the list of all my RSS feeds I follow. It took some months to remember all the different ones, but […]

  • Punk Rock Band Name: Broccoli and Vomit 14 Aug 2016
    Punk Rock Band Name: Broccoli and Vomit Background: I don’t know the background on this one! I had it written down in the queue of band names to publish but […]

  • MapTable in WordPress 03 Aug 2016
    After my last post on MapTable, a friend of mine asked how he might include a map and table in a blog post on a WordPress Instance. In this post […]

  • Punk Rock Band Names 01 Aug 2016
    For some time now, I’ve been thinking that I need to add a category to this blog that is for cataloging and giving away for use punk rock band names. […]

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