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  • Ubuntu 16.04 on Dell XPS 13 9350 12 May 2016
    Why upgrade? After watching my shopmate get one, then seeing The Wirecutter recommend it (as of May 2016) and then seeing Dell upgrade it, I was very tempted to get […]

  • Web App Security Cheat Sheet 18 Apr 2016
    I recently documented best security practices for writing a web app. Since I was most of the way there for a nice tidy blog post on the topic, I’m using […]

  • Penance for forgetting basic debugging 14 Apr 2016
    I was working on implemented a nonce to fight CSRF requests on all our forms. The nonce worked liked you expect: by setting a cookie and then putting the same […]

  • Diceware in a box 14 Feb 2016
    I’m really happy with my most recent project I did at the shop. For some time now I’ve been wanting to upgrade from a mostly secure password to a phenomenally […]

  • Top Posts Update 08 Feb 2016
    A while ago I did a write up of the top blog posts on this site.  Oh…um, I guess that was 5 years ago now.  Wowaa.  Well, Here’s the same […]

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