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  • Dead Simple Continuous Deployment 17 Sep 2023
    At work we’ve written some monitoring and alerting software. We’ve also automated releases and we wanted to take it to the next level so that the instant there was a new release, we’d deployed to production. This automated releasing of software upon a new release is called Continuous Deployment, or “CD” for short. This post […]

  • Timekpr-nExT Remote 23 Jan 2023
    tl;dr – Timekpr-Next Remote is an easy to use web app to add or remove time to users of linux login time tracking app, Timekpr-nExT Recently, one of my kids got a drawing tablet and wanted to use it with Krita. Given they were on a Chromebook, we decided to repurpose an old Intel NUC […]

  • Keys-To-The-Tunnel 1.1.0 released 19 Dec 2022
    Hey hey! I’d been meaning to consolidate some of my VMs I’m paying for and semi-accidentally deleted the place where I was hosting my work’s instance of Keys-To-The-Tunnel (KTTT). With this VM deletion, I decided to leverage my recent dabblings with Caddy and do a big refactor of KTTT by replacing Apache with Caddy. As […]

  • My first from-scratch 3D printed design (that is actually useful) 20 Aug 2022
    I’ve had a 3d printer for a about 8 months now. It’s been fun to download STLs from the internet and print them. We’ve done articulated snakes and planetary gear prints. It is really amazing to print something in one go that you can move and spin around. Amazeballs! The kids have printed up little […]

  • Legba the Net-tracker 27 Apr 2022
    Intro I’d been meaning to learn how to write an app using something more than CSV files, but less than MariaDB, to store files – I’m thinking SQLite of course! Then along came the desire to have a simple way to track when a computer was on a network as a proxy for kids’ daily […]

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