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Photo Script


This is the first public release of this PHP script. The script is meant for you to easily post photos and have a script dynamically generate an interface to navigate the photos. I wrote it to work with photoshop 5.5 or higher which has a "Web Photo Gallery" feature to auto create thumbs and medium resolution copies of your hi-res photos. There are two pieces to this:

This file will create a list of all the folders in the directory it is in. This is used to create a list of albums (folders). You can create a symlink or copy it where needed. This makes a great default document (index.phtml, default.html etc.).

This is the big kahona of scripts. Admittedly it is some what of a hack, but it works. You should keep a master copy of this file and then make a sym link to each album so that the photoLister is the default document for the directory. This script is dependant on three directories being in the same dir as it is:
- thumbnails (lowest res)
- images (medium res)
- pictures (high/original res)

The steps to creating a new album:
1. create new dir on web server "Sailing.With.Jeremiah"
2. create symlink of photoLister.phtml: "ln -s photoLister.phtml Sailing.With.Jeremiah/index.phtml"
3. create directories and images using photoshop's "Web Photo Gallery"
4. upload directories with thumbs, images, and pictures dirs into Sailing.With.Jeremiah dir
5. View & be happy

Both files are dependent on header.html and footer.html being in your root html dir. When a directory name is printed any where in the system it will print periods as spaces.

Use it, love it, change it, just lemme know when you do.
Sample Album
Download tarball

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